Suitable for Direchasm / Beastgrave Warband Specific Activation Token Set (4)

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These double sided frosted acrylic tokens are great to replace the cardstock activation tokens in Direchasm or Beastgrave. They are the same size, more durable and have a warband specific icon on one side!

Contains 4 double sided Activation tokens. Choose from the sets below in the following colours

Despoilers - Frosted Yellow
Wild Hunt - Frosted Green
Grim Watchers - Frosted Grey
Snarl Fangs - Frosted Red
Worm Spat - Frosted Green
Man Trappers - Frosted Ice Blue
Blade Coven - Frosted Plum
Crushers - Frosted Apple
Condemnors - Frosted Blue
Lady Mourning - Frosted Grey
Purifiers - Frosted Blue
Dread Pageant - Frosted Purple
Ravagers - Frosted Grey
Star Bloods - Frosted Ice Blue
Crimson Court - Frost Red
Head Crackers - Frost Green
Bone Reapers - Frost Purple
Soul Raiders - Frost Ice Blue
Creeper - Frost Grey